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Clash detection

Building Information Modelling does not end with creating a basic 3D BIM model or feeding in data. There is much more that can be done with these models. Clash point detection contributes to creating an excellent virtual construction model. After collision detection these models can be used for scheduling and estimation purposes too. We offer complete BIM coordinated models which will assist in providing precise scheduling and quantities for estimation.

BIM Services offers MEP clash detection and resolution services across the globe including in the UK, US, Canada and UAE. We have a team of engineers and BIM implementation specialists that works on clash detection within models and resolves the clashes so that the models are ready to be coordinated.

Once the clashes or conflicts have been detected we validate the design. If any modifications are required in the building or systems we try to resolve it in the modelling or virtual construction stage instead of waiting till the actual time of construction.

We offer the following clash detection & resolution BIM services:

  • Developing clash free models
  • Creating clash reports
  • Resolving clashes
  • Coordination checking
  • Phasing and sequencing
  • Design validation
Clash detection
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