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BIM Services

Our team of BIM experts are equipped with the latest technologies and industry knowledge to deliver tailored solutions to your project needs. As a leading innovator in the construction industry, we are committed to enhancing your project efficiency and aid in visualising entire project lifecycle. With a deep understanding of BIM software tools and workflows, our team can provide accurate and fast turnarounds fulfilling your project goals on time and with exceptional quality.

Man RC detailing

RC detailing & bar bending schedule services

Services provided for fabricators, contractors and engineers in the USA, Canada, UK and UAE. CADS has an enviable track record for accuracy, presentation and meeting tight deadlines and due to our size, we can configure our teams to work on a small job that needs a quick turnaround all the way up to the largest, most complex, programmes. Our pricing is competitive and an estimate can be with you next day based on your detailed requirements.

Structural Design Services

We provide Structural analysis and design services to clients around the world. CADS has developed a wide range of design and analysis software over its 49 years in business and we use that same expertise to deliver highly competitive outsourced services and our scale means we can handle any size of project however large or small in Reinforced concrete structures.We have done the detailed structural analysis and design for 250+ projects in UK as per British and Eurocode standards.

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BIM modelling with Revit

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