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We specialise in providing start to finish Revit BIM solutions to clients across the US, UK, Canada and Middle-East. Our team of architects and modellers has extensive experience working on a large variety of building types.

CADS architectural & interior BIM services include creating building information models from sketches, 2D CAD drawings provided by the client and analysis documentation. We also provide a dedicated service for clash detection and content creation. We assist our clients in effectively transferring the architectural and interior construction documentation stage drawings (IFC) into fully coordinated shop drawings (LOD 450) for delivery to site for execution. Added to that we work closely with the site team to quickly establish all “as built” information in the drawings. We also provide facility management services (6D & 7D) post the completion of fabrication  and at the “as built” stage (LOD 450& 500 respectively).

We offer the following architectural BIM services:

  • Revit modeling
  • Architecture – interior & exterior modelling
  • Site modeling
  • Scheduling and phasing (4D BIM)
  • Cost estimation (5D BIM)
  • Bill of quantities
  • Bill of materials
  • Construction drawing
  • Parametric architectural Revit families
  • Coordination model
Architectual BIM

We have very structured quality controls to enables us to provide our clients with accurate output based on their requirements.

3D modeling all architectural elements of a building and extracting shop drawings from Revit for specific packages:

  • Block work
  • Parking
  • Internal walls  and partitions
  • Flooring and finishes
  • Ceiling works
  • Tiling works
  • Cladding works
  • Staircases and lifts

Modelling all interior the elements of a building and extracting shop drawings for specific packages:

  • Furniture
  • Furnishings
  • Interior finishes
  • Finishes schedule
  • Door schedule
  • Fixtures, fittings and accessories
  • Material schedules

Modeling all facade elements of a building and extracting shop drawings for specific packages:

  • Curtain walls
  • Architectural feature walls
  • Wall sections
  • Building envelope details
  • Architectural screens/louver details
  • Mechanical façade systems
  • Kinetic façade systems
  • Vendor specific façade systems
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