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Structural BIM model

We provide high end structural Revit modelling services to leading construction companies and engineering consultants in the US, UK, Canada and Middle East. We have qualified engineers, BIM technicians, drafters and modellers who have over a decade worth of experience working on BIM projects.

We offer the following structural BIM services:

  • Revit modeling
  • Architecture – interior & exterior modeling
  • Site modeling
  • Scheduling and phasing (4D BIM)
  • Cost estimation (5D BIM)
  • Bill of quantities
  • Bill of materials
  • Construction drawing
  • Parametric architectural Revit families
  • Coordination model
Revit and SCIA Engineer model

Our team is trained in the use of BIM software, such as Revit, to a level that they can execute highly complex BIM modelling. They also add value engineering to the models by providing design inputs, design calculations etc when required.

We work on the following codes:

  • US Codes – AISC and ASCE for steel
  • Canadian Standards – CISC
  • European Standards – Euro codes
  • British Standard – British codes

We develop structural Revit models based on the input specifications and drawings that we receive from the client. Inputs can be in the form of pdfs, CAD drawings, sketches or images. We identify details and information from the drawings, analyse the design and send across our observations pertaining to the designs. We work on concrete, steel and wooden structures.

3D modelling of all structural concrete elements of a building and extracting shop drawings from Revit:

  • Foundation: raft/ pile cap detailing
  • Reinforced concrete detailing
  • General arrangement drawings for RCC structures
  • Slab and verticals general arrangement drawings
  • Slab and verticals coordinate drawings
  • Framing plans
  • Framing schedules
  • Core wall and non structural wall detailing
  • Staircase and ramp detail
  • Opening schedules

3D modelling of all structural steel (primary and secondary) elements of a building and extracting shop drawings from Revit:

  • Structural steel shop drawings
  • Primary steel connection details
  • Secondary steel connection details
  • Sheet metal
  • Steel framing and connections
  • Steel staircase detailing
  • Erection and general arrangement drawings
  • Steel fabrication drawings (on request)
  • Miscellaneous drawings
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