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BIM scan point cloud

We provide a professional scan-to-BIM 3D modelling service, using the latest technology to convert point cloud and laser survey data into sophisticated 3D BIM models.

We already provide our scan-to-BIM modelling services to a number of sectors, including architects, retailers and main contractors. We provide scan-to-BIM models for architectural and structural building elements for many of these customers. We also provide MEP scan-to-BIM services to consulting engineers, MEP designers and MEP contractors.

Our point cloud modelling service is used to create accurate models for as-built purposes as well as for retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects. We commonly combine scan-to-BIM models for existing buildings with models for new/renovated areas of a building.

Scan to BIM tools provide a marked improvement to an existing-condition survey compared to traditional measured surveys. Our models include all current building elements such as beams, columns, ceilings, internal walls, external landscape elements and MEP fittings. Scan-to-BIM modelling is widely recognised to be more accurate than traditional surveys that are conducted using measuring tools.

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