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4D is an extension of 3D with the time included in addition to the other three dimensions. Our 4D simulation helps all the project participants including the architects, contractors, designers and the owners to visualise the whole series of construction events and understand the progress of construction activities throughout the lifetime of the project.

We link the project construction sequencing or the schedule to our BIM model and show the real time simulation of the construction sequence in an animated video. Our clients can compare the planned and the actual construction schedule throughout the project life cycle, based on our 4D presentation. They can use 4D simulation to support the construction planning and can assess the impact of a proposed design on the construction schedule and the work process.

We use the Autodesk Revit platform and Autodesk Navisworks Manage to create a workflow to enable project teams to plan construction operations effectively by identifying potential problems and evaluating alternatives. Using our BIM models, construction planners are able to simulate construction activities in their planned sequence, detect clashes and interference problems, improve construction schedules, track materials and can also manage the supply chain. Our 4D phasing acts as a powerful communication tool between our project team and our clients, resulting in a better understanding of the project milestones and improved construction plans. Delays and construction rework are minimised as our project managers can carefully plan and coordinate construction operations down to the last detail both in time and space through 4D phasing. All the design elements are collaborated onscreen in 4D and thus our construction team can improve the accuracy of the construction sequencing.

Construction Sequence
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